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Cooling lubricant preperation · Swarf preperation · Component deoiling · Oil seperator
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Cooling lubricant
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Our philosophy

T & A - a company with years of experience in the construction of centrifuges and processing plant.

Our equipment is used in a variety of industries with great success. The automobile industry
(ex.: Volkswagen, BMW, DaimlerChrysler) uses our products just as successfully as do automobile
suppliers (ex.: Bosch, Valeo, Getrag).

We are represented everywhere where production processes require cleaning or deoiling.

Our activities include:
  • Chip and sludge processing plant using batch centrifuges, fully automated continuous centrifuges and push centrifuges fitted with chip breakers, conveyors, lift-tip devices.
  • 2-phase and 3-phase cleaning centrifuges and plant for the processing of cooling lubricants, washing media from parts washing equipment and pre-treatment lines, painting water.
  • Oil separator

A variety of patents offer benefits to you
and illustrate the power of our innovation.

After Sales Service
- So that you will be satisfied with your T & A products for years to come

Our service team is available for the statutory environmental inspections and for servicing,
so that the performance of your equipment is still guaranteed even after years of operation.
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