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Industrial centrifuges
MZ 300 / 400 / 500 / 600 / 700

The industrial batch centrifuges can always be used exactly where
they are needed - ant that at an effective cost to performance ratio.
As a rule the degree of deoiling is around < 3%.

MZ 500 Industrial centrifuge Problem:

Fully automatic solutions are too expensive for small amounts of long tufted swarf of various kind. Our batch centrifuges offer an alternative.

We have the solution:

Our batch centrifuges are outstandingly suitable for drying long and short swarf of any kind (metal, plastic, in tufts or short) and in addition also for drying individual components and bulk material.
They are available with attached slewing crane, chain hoist, heating, speed regulator, cleaning unit and tanks.

Manual centrifuges *    
Technical data: MZ 300 MZ 400 MZ 500 MZ 600 MZ 700
Drum diameter mm 300 400 500 600 700
Height mm 250 300 350 350 380
Loading weight kg 35 50 100 150 150
Drum volume l 15 30 65 100 145
Drum speed rpm 1500 1000 1000 750 750
Batches / h 10-12 10 10 10 10
* with a steel insert drum, suitable for all types of swarf

MZ 500/600 L: with light insert drum (trouble-free handling without a crane) for long and light swarf (aluminium, titanium, plastic)
MZ 500/600 K: barrel insert for perforated, rectangular cases for deoiling bulk goods (screws, bolts).
All models are available with attached slewing crane, with chain hoist and with heating · For customized solutions, please contact us.
Fully automatic component deoiling units

MZ   Problem:

Oiled components and bulk goods in large quantities cannot be further processed without deoiling.

We have the solution:

This is where our fully automatic component deoiling units from the VTE series come into action. These are equipped with delivery and discharge roller conveyors for transportation of the perforated rectangular cases as well as with a variety of tanks, pumps and level monitors.

For more informations please contact us.
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